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The Woman in Me

Finally, Britney Spears has removed the shackles after a turbulent childhood and premature arrival into womanhood; with her ascent to fame, she suffered multiple betrayals by people she loved and trusted (Justin Timberlake, for shame!), and the most disgraceful and unthinkable blow: her babies were taken from her, and she was sentenced to a THIRTEEN YEAR conservatorship where her father ruled her every move with an iron fist, solely motivated by his financial gain. As one of her friends remarked, ‘If someone took my babies, I would do a lot more than shave my head! ’The fact that our judicial system allowed this to happen is an utter disgrace. The details of this arrangement will anger you and have you asking why no one stepped in to stop the madness. My God, what this woman has endured and by the people who were supposed to protect and love her unconditionally. Sometimes, we allow the media, the courts, or the cruelest voice to lead in the dismissal of people; do you notice that this is the sneakiest form of bullying and is usually only heaped upon women!? I’m thrilled Britney is FREE and has finally spoken up and let the truth be known. Despite every challenge, the thread that weaves through every page of this book and her outlook on life is HOPE. You can only wish her the best that life has to offer, and I have a feeling she is going to get it!