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The Emotional Lives of Teenagers

Are you a parent of a teenager, or do you know someone who is!? If so, add this to how you celebrate them (or yourself) this Mother’s Day by gifting them the handbook on teens. I have come to trust Lisa Damour and her insightful advice based on her years of working with teens and reading her previous book, Untangled. Parenting teens isn’t easy, but there is a way to make it heartfelt, rewarding, and full of deep connection. This book gives you a way to communicate that does not (always) result in a slammed door, shut down, screaming match, or meltdown, although many times it will, and this book can help with the next steps. ‘When adolescents bring us their fears, disappointments, and frustrations, and we respond with curiosity and empathy, we reinforce our connection with them and model what we want them to expect in ALL their close relationships.’