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Remarkably Bright Creatures

Delight of this caliber has not welled up in my chest for a book in many a moon. My heart was taking leaps as I fell hard for every single one of the characters in this novel. Tova, an aging widow, grieving the loss of her teenage son many years before, cleans the aquarium at night. She strikes up an unlikely friendship with the grumpy old octopus, Marcellus, who has a penchant for escaping his habitat to garner better food. Meanwhile, Cameron Cassmore, a young man with a big chip on his shoulder, comes to town looking for his long-lost father and joins Tova on the night shift at just the right time. Their paths will mingle in ways neither of them can imagine. Those who loved "A Man Called Ove" and are a sucker for good endings will be delighted with this book!