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L.A. Weather

Man, oh man, I did not want this book to end! And even though I am well into my next one, my mind continues to drift back to the Alvarados, a well-to-do Mexican-American family in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the patriarch has gone into a funk that consists mainly of being obsessed with the weather. This has pushed his wife, Keila, to want a divorce, much to the surprise and dejection of their three daughters: Claudia, a famous TV chef living in Malibu; Olivia, an architect and mother of young twins; and Patricia, a social media dynamo who seeks out men who are not available. Although the Alvarados have raised three wonderful girls, Keila yearns for her old marriage, the one with intimacy and good times. Her art is selling like hotcakes, and she is starting to wonder what it would be like to give in to the advances of the man who represents her work in Mexico, where her inherited family home still stands. All these incredible characters mixed in with one giant atom bomb of a secret make for a fantastic book that you will not soon forget!