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Gullah Geechee Home Cooking

If Heaven were a cookbook, it would be this one. What could be better than "RECIPES from the MATRIARCH of EDISTO ISLAND?" Like my grandmother from Fairhope, Alabama, Mrs. Meggett grew up making the most out of her garden and the water outside her door, knowing recipes by learning from her mother or grandmother, with no cookbooks to be found. But, as a national treasure, she has put pen to paper to help every person understand the depth and richness of her ancestry and character that seamlessly translates into her cooking. As most of my friends know, I get the shakes if I don't have fried food at least once a week, and all my "last meal" foods are in here: friend shrimp, fried chicken, butter beans, and mashed potatoes. Although I have been cooking some of those for years, as my mother and grandmother taught me, Mrs. Meggett has me shaking things up by adding and playing around with different ingredients like salt pork, celery fat, and Nature's Seasons. This book is a treasure to behold, use for years, and pass on to your children. Thank you, Emily Meggett, for sharing your traditions and secrets with the world!