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World of Wonders

This book is a treasure and a wonder to the natural world and all the miracles it offers if only we are willing to slow down and notice. Aimee speaks to a childhood spent on the grounds of a Kansas mental institution where her Filipina mother was a doctor. And the natural beauty of wide-open Arizona skies wherein her Indian father took the time to teach her the names of plants and insects. She also takes us to the places she has built her own family in western New York and, finally, Oxford, Mississippi, where she teaches poetry. These gorgeously illustrated essays delight and reveal so many miracles to be witnessed right outside your doorstep. Quote of SS: "It is this way with wonder: it takes a bit of patience, and it takes putting yourself in the right place at the right time. It requires that we be curious enough to forgo our small distractions in order to find the world."