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Beginning in the '90s, in the middle of Chicago's art scene, Jack and Elizabeth spy on (i.e. stalk) each other unbeknownst to the other. When they finally meet at a concert, they fall hard and fast. Fast forward twenty years: they have been married long enough to be annoyed with the other, have a child, are juggling careers, trying not to freak out about the fact they just sunk their life savings in their “forever home.” In short, life is not the punk party good time it once was, and they are struggling for the first time to connect. Pepper into this narrative a dalliance into polyamory, a cult disguised as a crazy neighborhood group, something called Love Potion Number Nine, and all the other trappings of middle age, and you have a great book. Coming out on 9/19 from the author of The Nix – don't miss it!