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We Begin at the End

Set in a sleepy and idyllic town on the coast of northern California, the life of the main character, Duchess Day Radley's life is definitely not sleepy, nor is it idyllic. Her family seems to be cursed, beginning with the tragic accident involving her aunt and her mother's boyfriend long before she was born. Duchess, a 13-year-old girl who believes herself to be an outlaw and lives by that code, takes care of her five year old little brother Robin because their mother, Star, is not capable of the job. Walk, the local cop and Star’s best friend, is busy keeping Cape Haven safe from crime and big money, which are changing the town into a tourist destination for the rich. He is dedicated to Star and to his best friend, Vincent King, who has been in prison for decades partly due to Walk's testimony. Thirty years later, and Vincent is getting out; this kicks up a lot of dust and trouble for all involved. Buckle your seatbelt; this is sure to be a HUGE book and a wild ride!