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The Skunks

For lovers of Sally Rooney, meet your new favorite author! Fiona Warnick has a softer touch, and this bright new talent delivers a beautiful story that captures the essence of a tender moment in a young woman's life. After graduating from college, Isabel moves home for the summer to housesit, babysit, and work at the front desk of a yoga studio. She is at a crossroads in every area of her life, which can be an overwhelmingly vulnerable stretch, and you will keenly remember if you've ever been there. The son of the family she's housesitting for is a fellow she's had a crush on since high school, and although she's trying hard not to always bethinking about boys, it's not easy. Then there are the skunks . . . . Isabel discovers three baby skunks in the yard, which gets her thinking about hopes and fears and how they connect to crushes, which round out this gorgeous coming-of-age story about love, desire, friendship, ambition, and modern life.