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The Sentence

Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award-winning author Louise Erdrich blows the doors off with her latest book. No kidding, this book makes me marvel at the talent we are privileged enough to witness. We follow a woman named Tookie, formerly incarcerated for transporting a dead body across state lines, with drugs duct-taped in the armpits of the body—albeit unbeknownst to her. Having served her time, Tookie now works in an independent bookstore in Minneapolis. She is trying to figure out why the store is being haunted by its most annoying customer, Flora, who passes on All Souls Day in November of 2019, while also trying to make sense of the pandemic that envelops the world and the racial injustice playing out violently on the streets of her town that year. The literary references here are unparalleled and a true joy! The book as a whole is so good it is hard to put into words! This is a must-read for ALL.