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The River Runs South

Like everyone else, I am not ready to let go of summer, and this book is the perfect raft to help you transition. Set in Fairhope, Alabama, a place so special to my heart because this is where my grandparents lived and my mother grew up. Just like her, the main character, Camille Taylor, was raised in this exceptional little town on Mobile Bay and, after attending Georgetown, marries and settles in DC. She is proud of her robust law career, her marriage, and her daughter, Willa, who is six. Her life is going well until her husband dies at 40 of a heart attack, seemingly out of nowhere.


Reeling from the loss, she returns home with Willa to stay with her parents for a few weeks to regroup, and this is precisely the moment where things get interesting.


Camille's mother, Marion, has a big heart, but like southern mothers, there is a way to do things, and it's the only way. She and Camille clash from time to time. As her father's pending lawsuit weighs heavy on their family, she finds all the things she thought she knew might need to be reevaluated, including two compelling fellas who can't help but be interested in the fiery redhead that has returned home.


For anyone who has ever had to slam on the brakes and change directions or re-think their life path while holding on to their spirit, this book is for you. I hated to see this one end!