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The House of a Lifetime: A Collector's Journey in Tangier

Published in January, I just came across this book in an article inside World Of Interiors about the novelist, Umberto Pasti’s property in Tangier. I was immediately mesmerized and my mind was blown at the depth and texture, the sheer beauty and mastery of the green thumbs that nursed this garden in Tangier, back to life. The name of the house, Tebarek Allah, means ‘Blessed By God’ and you will see through the breath taking images in this book, there could be no more fitting a name. A love letter to the gardener, Mohammed, who helped the author resuscitate this paradise beginning 35 years ago. Now, writes the owner, the garden is an ark of local flora in the midst of monstrous modernization. The excerpt below gives you an idea of just how incredible this book is and will give you a feel for the subject . . . “Together with Mohammed, we built arbours, and huts that would eventually become covered with creepers; we pulled wires through the branches so that the new wisterias and jasmines could grow from tree to tree, casting a fragrant shadow; we staked young trees and filled vases, arranging them on the terraces and along the pathways.”