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The Catch

After seeing that Emma Straub and Meg Wolitzer sang the praises of this debut novelist, it was hard to resist cracking ‘The Catch’ open to see for myself. Here we discover a coming-of-age tale, mid-20s style, as Ellie Adler is picking up the breadcrumbs of who exactly her father is after he dies suddenly. A charismatic man, a poet beloved by his three wives and a lover or two. Ellie is finding out that people are not angel or villain; as she connects the pieces and people of his past, she is called to question some of her own life choices and whether the path she's on is the one she wants to follow. Charming and insightful, this book brings into perfect focus how hard and disorienting it is to be in your mid-20s, coming into your own adulthood as you begin to see your parents with clear eyes.