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The Berry Pickers

This book was getting a lot of pre-release review attention from some authors I love and for good reason, this book is FABULOUS! It is an intriguing plot set in 1962 around a four-year-old named Ruthie, the youngest in a large family of indigenous workers from Nova Scotia who come to Maine every summer to pick blueberries. Ruthie and her six-year-old brother, Joe, are eating lunch near a rock one day at the edge of a berry field, and poof, she vanishes. Joe will never get over the loss, and he and his mother never lose hope that she is still alive.


In Maine, a young girl named Norma, the only child of an affluent family, lives a very sequestered life with her controlling mother and her emotionally unavailable father. As a young child, she is tortured by recurring dreams that she can't shake because they feel more like fact than fiction. As she grows older, she starts to magpie clues that lead her to believe that her parents are withholding some pretty major puzzle pieces.


This one will keep you reading LATE into the night to see how itall comes together. A MUST READ!