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The Amazing Grace Adams

I’m calling it. It’s the official end of beach-reading-season. To commemorate this most un-favorite day of the year, may I introduce you to the AMAZING GRACE ADAMS. This magnificent debut novel is about every woman out there who comes to the point of breaking (usually happening sometime in our forties) when shiz hits the fan. It’s at this moment we meet Grace Adams. How does she handle it? Well, she opens her car door in the middle of a traffic jam and walks away: to save herself, to save her daughter, and to pick up a cake. All will be revealed when you embark on this novel that grabbed me by the heart and spoke the truth of what it feels like to reach the middle-ish of one’s life, when the world dropkicks you, and then once more, for effect. Reminiscent of Bernadette and Eleanor Oliphant, Grace Adams will have you laughing, crying, and cheering for her until the final page!