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From the prize-winning author of The Beekeeper of Aleppo, a remarkable story about a Sri Lankan nanny gone missing on the Greek island of Cyprus that will “open your eyes and break your heart.” Nisha arrived weeks after Petra, her employer's husband, died and weeks before their baby, Aliki, was born. Nisha has crafted a life in Cyprus over the past nine years. Aside from her work, she has a boyfriend, Yiannis. He is a good man who, after losing his bank job, now poaches endangered songbirds and sells them on the black market. Yiannis dreams of finding a new profession and one day marrying Nisha—until the night she heads off on a mysterious errand, never to be seen again. Impactfully situated on the topics of class, race, and humanity, this powerful novel inspired by real-life disappearances of domestic workers in Cyprus will leave you changed.