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Romantic Comedy

No matter where your summer travels take you, 'Romantic Comedy' is a book you need in your summer reading stack. I love a good romantic comedy, and it turns out so does Curtis Sittenfeld, AND she knows how to write one. 'Romantic Comedy' follows Sally Milz, a comedy writer at The Night Owls (a fictionalized version of SNL) who is divorced after a starter marriage in her early twenties and meets Noah Brewster, an aging but very beautiful pop star when he is both the musical guest and host of the show and sparks start to fly . . . but that's impossible, she thinks because he's super famous and beautiful. She is many things but a model she is not. She is an intelligent, successful, middle-ish-aged woman who has given up on love and is not a celebrity. So even though Sally is irresistible, in all her cleverness and jadedness, she doesn't believe a relationship is with Noah is possible. On the flip side of things, she writes a sketch about the 'Danny Horst Rule' after another fellow writer on her team, Danny Horst, a very average comedy writer, becomes involved with a younger, very hot celebrity out of his league. Her theory (and sketch) point out that this is never the case if the genders are reversed. As she is writing the sketch and falling for Noah Brewster, and he for her, what started out as a joke, might prove to upend her theory if it's all not too good to be true. The writing is witty and so much fun, and if you are or have ever been a fan of SNL and romantic comedies, you must read this book.