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Redwood Court

A poignant story about familial ties, the ones we knit together, day after day, year after year, which create the tapestry of our lives. They aren't always pretty, but they are unbreakable, and there is beauty in that AND in this story. This novel follows a young black girl, Mika Tabor, coming of age in the 90s in suburban South Carolina. As the family's baby, she spends much time in her grandparents' all-black neighborhood. As her grandfather, Teeta, says, "Mika, you sit at our feet all these hours and days, hearing us tell our tales. You have all these stories inside you: all the stories everyone in our family knows and all the stories everyone in our family tells. You write 'em in your books and show everyone who we are."

No matter where you grew up, in what color body, or which gender you are, this novel feels like home—a celebration of the American Dream at once remarkable and completely ordinary. Tender, tender, and so gorgeously written, this is a Reese Witherspoon book club pick for good reason.