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Marley’s mother is a nurse and is accustomed to picking up and moving towns; she and her daughter have spent her whole life doing it. At sixteen, when they roll into Mercury on an August afternoon, Marley spies two of the three Joseph brothers up on a roof and later in the outfield at a baseball game, changing the course of her life forever. At first, the oldest son, Baylor, has claimed her when he offers her a ride home after the baseball game. But he is not available in the way a girl wants, and she can tell that she and Waylon, the middle one, have a connection. She starts going to dinner at their house, and the youngest, Baby Shay, loves her instantly. The father, Mick, is a narcissist piece of work, while the mother, Elise, is beloved in town but keeps her family at a distance. The plot quickens instantly with a teen pregnancy and a dead body found in the church attic! Other secrets continue to reveal themselves, but it is the unforgettable characters that will have you clamoring to see what happens next. I call this a January beach read, nothing too strenuous, but a quick and intriguing read! I highly recommend it.