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Malibu Rising

From the author of ‘Daisy Jones And The Six’ comes another incredible book I could not put down. It looks to the outside world that the famous Riva siblings have it all: Nina is a model and surfer, her brothers Jay – a professional surfer, and Hud – a successful photographer are inseparable and quickly racking up magazine covers and surf titles to their names. And baby Kit, spitfire of the family, is trying to find her way into the world of pro surfing much like her siblings. The outside appears too good to be true and it is as they have been fending for themselves for years. They are Mick Riva's children, arguably one of the most famous musicians of his time, but not the best dad. He has been out of contact with them since they were babies. All the stories, secrets, grudges, and truths come to light during the annual end-of-summer beach party for which the Riva’s have been famous. Hold tight, this book will have you up until the wee hours turning pages. A pure delight!