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Love Marriage

This book reminds me that there are actual author-Gods out there, humans so incredible at crafting stories, characters, and sentences that they will never leave your mind or heart. On so many levels, this book was the epitome of the perfect book - I took a vacation from my life, was completely enveloped in the world of a young woman, Yasmin Ghorami, a doctor in training (like her father) whose parents are originally from Kolkata. Yasmin is engaged to a posh London boy whose mother is a famous feminist, and the books open as they are gathering at her future mother-in-law's tremendous Primrose Hill home in London. Harriet usually uses caterers, but Yasmin's mother, who has a 'talent for being herself,' has been cooking all day and bringing a feast of Indian dishes to the dinner. Gulfs abound between the sexes, the cultures, and the sexual history of the two love birds. This book is at the top of my suggestion list for summertime!