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Little Monsters

For those of you who read the gobsmacking memoir 'Wild Game,' comes a new work (of fiction this time) that will wholly capture your thoughts and attention and fill you with pleasure. Set in Cape Cod, Ken and Abby Gardner lost their mother when they were young, and their father, a brilliant oceanographer, Adam, is starting to slip into manic patterns resulting from his purposefully mismanaged bipolar disorder in an attempt to fight his fading relevance. Ken and Abby were once so close, and looking at them now, you'd be hard-pressed to believe it. Abby is an artist living with her dog in a tiny saltbox studio near the ocean, and Ken is married to Abby's best friend from art school, with two perfect daughters and plans to run for political office. Long-held secrets and entanglements are the silent undercurrent that carries this novel, set in the summer of 2016 and drawing on the themes of sibling rivalry as pulled from the story of Cain and Abel in the bible. Little Monsters is currently my top summer read candidate.