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Kinfolk Islands

This book will kick your wanderlust habit to an unmatched level. This gorgeous book showed me places I never even knew existed. Destinations of such beauty, tears are prickling my little blue eyeballs! Gotland & Faro in Baltic Sweden is at the top of my list. Here lies a museum that houses the world's most giant preserved house of silver treasure, and the outermost island, Faro, was home to Ingmar Bergman, the influential Swedish director. The rocky beaches, limestone rock formations, and grey sea are calling me! Next up, Hormuz, nestled between Iran and Oman, is described as a 'psychedelic ride through a geological wonder.' How thrilling is that? They pay homage to the armchair traveler who daydreams of locales they may never see in person; nevertheless, dreaming provides all the pleasure. If or when I ever get to Cuba, I am using this book as my travel guide to carry me to places I would never find on my own. That also goes for Corsica, Sri Lanka, Ponza, and two of Finland's most far-reaching islands, Jurmo and Utö. Honestly, I have not enjoyed a book this much, with its beautiful images and thoughtful words. This book is an absolute must!