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We set sail from Scotland with the young newlywed Isobel Gamble to America in the 1800s. She is hopeful her husband, a pharmacist whose opium addiction almost ruins them back home, will leave that behind, and they might have a shot at a new beginning. But instead, only days after they have landed in Salem, he joins a ship as a medic and leaves her with no money, left to figure out how to survive on her own using her only skill, sewing. As Isobel is patching together a life with her needle, she meets a man, Nathaniel Hawthorne, from an esteemed family with a dark past, and they are instantly drawn to one another. As the weeks tick by and they grow closer, word from the captain of her husband's ship informs her that he did not get back o the boat in Bermuda to return home. Still worse, rumors of his addiction have spread through the community, making it even harder for Isobel to get work. A hypnotizing reimaging of Nathaniel Hawthorne's 'The Scarlet Letter,' as well as a depiction of the beginnings of the Underground Railroad, will have you firmly in its grip.