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Have a Beautiful, Terrible Day!

If you aren’t familiar with Kate Bowler, I’m excited to introduce you. She is a professor at Duke Divinity School, and in 2015, at the age of 35, a young mother, no less, was diagnosed with stage IV Colon cancer with only hope and a prayer of surviving more than two years. In her book, No Cure for Being Human, she documents her journey to accepting her new reality. She says, ‘Every week, I usually forget most of the basics: a) you are loved. b) life is absurd. c) it’s hard to be a human. ’In ‘Have a Beautiful Terrible Day,’ Kate ‘wants to guide us in building our daily habit of spiritual attentiveness.’ This book is here to say: ‘May all your days be lovely. But for those that aren’t, have a beautiful, terrible day!’ Kate also has a fantastic podcast, Everything Happens, which is not to be missed. She is genuine, with a twist of dry humor that is just right.