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Hang the Moon

‘Most folk thought Sallie Kincaid was a nobody who’d amount to nothing. Sallie had other plans.’ Jeannette Walls, author of the unforgettable memoir, The Glass Castle, brings us an unforgettable heroine in Sallie Kincaid: Daughter of the Duke, the most prominent man in a hardscrabble small Virginia mountain, and a part of the larger-than-life Kincaid Clan. Sallie is tough, wily and wants to run with the boys, which is not easy or acceptable at the turn of the century. Her mother was rumored to have been killed by the Duke, and her new stepmother has a son, Eddie, who as the years tick by, is turning out to be a little timid and shy. Sallie tries to teach Eddie to be more like the Duke but gets sent away to live with an aunt after an accident that almost kills Eddie, depending on who you ask. After nine long years, Sallie returns, determined to stake her claim in the family. What she uncovers is a different rule book than most people live by and a shocking number of secrets and scandals that reveal themselves at every turn. This book is teeming with electricity!