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Evil Eye

DAMN! This book knocked my socks off and left my mind zipping here and there, turning flips, and finally, my body took over, and I stood up and launched into wild applause over this incredible novel. 


Yara, raised in Brooklyn by first-generation Pakistani parents, a mother of two living in North Carolina, is suffering, although the pieces aren't entirely fitting together as to why. Compared to her mother's life, she has a beautiful family, a job at a local college, and a good marriage. Cracks start to surface when she is put on probation at work for letting her coworker have it for racist comments, and that's the beginning of the unpacking for her. Ruminating on themes such as trauma, shame, grief, and the power of art and what it means to live a fulfilling life, this book packs a punch. Coming out on 9/23 and selected as a @readwithjenna pick—run, don't walk, and get it.