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Emily Post's Etiquette: The Centennial Edition

The first edition of this iconic book was published in 1922 and offered a perspective on practical standards for living well with others. Etiquette has been revised many times by Post family members since Emily's death in 1960. I cannot think of a better gift to a new couple or college-bound senior, or save multiple copies, underlined and tabbed, to save for your children one day. What makes this book essential, still today, is that it does not ask us to rely on rigid rules but to think and consider what protocol or solution benefits the most significant number of all people involved in any situation. Manners are simply a way of showing respect and gratitude; this book should be viewed as a conversation more than an encyclopedia. The newest addition has done an excellent job of being more inclusive of the many individuals trying to live well with one another and in our collective society. Bravo, and I do not jest when I say this is a great read! Buy it for your people even if you doubt they will ever open it. Something may occur by osmosis; looks nice on a shelf too!