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Earth's the Right Place for Love

The most endearing tale of brotherly love, the beauty of small towns, and nature as a healer. This book was so special; I can only hope it will get turned into a movie so I can re-live its magic. In this story, you will meet a wonderful human, Arthur Moses, who is growing up in the years following World War II. At sixteen, he knows without a doubt that he wants to marry the most beautiful girl in his grade, Nola McCullum. Besides her beauty, she is the only girl he knows who flings her feet in the stream at the first sign of Spring, who loves to hear Arthur talk endlessly about the trees and flowers he knows so much about, and whose beauty knows no match. The only problem is she has a crush on his older brother, Frank. The brothers share a room, and Arthur tells Frank everything. They talk about his father’s alcohol problem, and Frank tells Arthur most things about life and love, including the news of his own love affair that would shock the community. After a shocking loss that rocks the family to their core, Arthur struggles to coexist with his grief. Nola doesn’t seem to understand that Arthur wants to be more than friends. A beautiful, moving and life affirming book that will make your heart soar, break, and then soar again. This is one I will be recommending to everyone come Spring! It hits the shelves on March 21st.