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Capote's Women

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Dig into the fascinating tangle of relationships, scandalous true accounts, dark secrets, and tragic glamour of Truman Capote's famous Swans, his global group of lady friends that were SO chic, SO expertly adorned, married, and presented that they are indeed the stuff of legends. This coterie of fabulousness included Babe Paley, Lee Radziwill, Slim Keith, and CZ Guest, as well as Gloria Guinness, Marella, Agnelli, and Pamela Harriman. These women were moneyed, stylish, and cunning to just the right degree, more adept at raising horses and dogs than children, and always featured on the best-dressed list. The Swans were the central subject of Truman's never-published final novel, 'Answered Prayers,' which was sure to be his most heralded book yet, but his betrayal of them and, in turn, their rejection of him was the beginning of his end. Also, don't miss the FX's series FEUD: CAPOTE VS. THE SWANS -the original series based on this bestselling book with a stellar cast including Naomi Watts, Diane Lane, and Ryan Murphy, directed by Gus Van Sant.