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Paul Auster, always an intriguing author to read, has delivered a book about S.T. Baumgartner, are tired philosopher who, at 70 years old, is still grieving his late wife, a wonderful poet. Ten years ago, when she was just 58, and they were vacationing on the Cape, she jumped off her towel and ran into the ocean for one more dip, which was the end of her. The magic in this book lies in the mundane; the incredibly kind meter man, the family of the woman who helps him around the house, the woman he thinks he might marry until she confesses other plans, and finally, the graduate student who resembles his late wife and hopes to dive into her poetry, provides something for him to look forward to. From the author of 'Sunset Park' and '4 3 2 1,' Auster is chugging along and writing as beautifully as ever, with a little extra sweetness.