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A Likely Story

Isabelle Manning grew up in Manhattan, in the Hamptons, with all the privileges you would expect to come with that life. What set her apart, however, was that she was the only child of the iconic American Novelist, Ward Manning, ruler of the New York Times bestseller list. It's no surprise that, growing up, she felt lit by the interminable glow of his fame, and all she ever wanted was to follow in his gilded footsteps. Claire Manning, her mother, was the type of woman that could do just about anything, but always behind the scenes. She was the cornerstone of Ward's success in more ways than one, but that information existed only behind zipped lips. 'A Likely Story' places you beside Isabelle as she uncovers a nest of family secrets upon her mother's unexpected death that commences to pull down every last piling she believed her life was built upon. As a bonus, terrific characters -- including a long-suffering yet perfect suitor stretching back to Isabelle's college days, a larger than life Godmother, and a weaselly college schoolmate and fellow author that Adam Driver should play if this book hits the big screen -- all pepper this novel with depth and merriment. This book is perfect for reading while traveling this spring and summer and will keep you racing to the last page.